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a chain of stores in the Republic of Komi. Business autonomous

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a chain of stores in the Republic of Komi. Business autonomous


On sale an interesting store for holidays and celebrations. Located on the ground floor of the shopping kompleksaobespechivaet lar
Sale popular network grocery stores located in the Republic of Komi.Vse shops are located at the intersection of urban roads in areas with high traffic. It is a good remont.Pomescheniya divided into the following functional areas: sales area of ​​self-service, a storage room, a fitted separate space for the production of baked goods, as well as the sale of alkogolya.Kazhdy department store has a separate entrance. Shop №1: The total area is 285.1 m2 trading area - 170m2. Putting in sobstvennosti.Magazin №2: Total area - 161.2 m2 trading area - 118.7 m2. Signed a long-term lease agreement until 2021, price of 182 000 rubles mesyats.Magazin №3: Total area - 101.1 m2 sales area - 65 m2.Zaklyuchen long-term lease until 2023, price of 8000 rubles per month. The two-story building with a total area of ​​440 m2. Premises and land 2438 m2 in sobstvennosti.Pervy floor - 200 m2, second floor - 200m2, garage for trucks - 40m2.Imeetsya everything you need for storage and commercial equipment and furniture (list on request) .Vo all stores installed automated system commercial bookkeeping 1C-8. Alcohol license is valid until March 2019 GV alcoholic department store set EGAIS system. BUSINESS fully self-contained, all the processes are built and tested to godami.Sistema internal logistics set up and perfected. Shipping and Handling - hired, making the logistics independent from breakdowns transporta.Vsya external logistics by means of rail transport. Goods imported from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kirov. The owner lives in St. Petersburg, and do not spend time managing. Operational management engaged two experienced wage director, residing in the city. Hired and working staff of 60 people. The team has not changed over the years, staff turnover is not. All staff are qualified and responsible. Purchase of marketable residue discussed otdelno.Srednyaya monthly earnings 1 700 000 rubles - documented that allows to invest in passive income with a payback of 2 goda.Prodazha change of founders LLC. Complete transfer del.S real buyer constructive dialog.Mozhete now be found with other objects ready for sale on our company website Agency Business YOUR COMPANY. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable option and advise you on all aspects of the proposal are interested. We work without commission to the buyer.


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