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'Merchant Manor' bath complex

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'Merchant Manor' bath complex


Selling, consider a non-residential, land on the existing leisure complex Merchant Manor. The complex is located three kilometer
Selling, consider a non-residential, land on the existing leisure complex Merchant Manor. The complex is located three kilometers. from the city, in the village. Minino. Located on the waterfront. The total area of ​​0.5 hectares. Fifteen minutes away from the shopping center Planeta (14 km.) Was founded in 2012. On the estate there are 5 chopped baths, designed for different number of guests from 4 to 20 people. Around each bath has a gazebo with mangalnoy area, swings for children. The Merchant bath on the second floor is a Russian billiards and a room for children. All baths are built from Angarsk pine, hand made. The territory has a heated outdoor baptismal font and access to the lake with a pier. There are two wells. All baths are equipped with water supply. By the planned buildings and is supplied with water and sanitation. Equipped with two septic tanks 25 and 35 cubic meters. Elevated to the sixth frame baths, with a capacity for 10-14 people. Built space for the kitchen with a two-level pogrebom.Sdayutsya freestanding gazebo on the lake for those who just want the weather is good to cook with friends gril.Samaya large room, with a total area 267m.kv., equipped with an automatic coal-fired boiler, and a swimming pool (5 * 3m), heated by the boiler and cleaning system. On the second floor there are four guest rooms and a banquet room (second floor on the stage of repair). A large parking lot, more than 30 cars. All parking fortified rock podushkoy.Vsya area paved drainage layer, then the black soil to avoid rotting grass. Planting, preferably coniferous trees. There is a possibility to build additional facilities: bath, guest domiki.Eto popular among the residents of Krasnoyarsk. In the period of August - April, base visited by more than 2000 guests. In the complex advertising does not need today. Signed contracts for garbage collection, pumping septic tanks, laundry and t.d.Imeetsya potential development base through the launch of the sixth baths (because in the season is very large influx of customers), start own kitchen, open guest rooms with a banquet hall. There is a website: kupecheskiebani.rfOsnovnaya mass of customers - people above average dostatka.90% of clients are regular clients of the complex.


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