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Acting jewelry store

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Acting jewelry store


For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and
Special offer !!! In connection with the move to another city, selling stylish jewelry shop in the shopping center promising in the city center. Rents below all the rental places in the shopping center. Regular customers, untwisted place, selling jewelry. Trained salesmen selling luxury jewelry jewelry. With store sales before contact suppliers, I tell will teach successful trade jewelry. The sale includes exclusive equipment, a wide range of jewelry from different manufacturers price range from 50 to 15,000 rubles. 160.000₽ spotlight, chandelier, illuminated showcases, cash register area, Cass, chair, windows backlit prints, wardrobe, mirror prints, puf.Tovarny balance agreement 50.000₽ Payback before the New Year 100% .A exchange for a car. All the details on the phone.


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