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Acting banquet villa property

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Acting banquet villa property


Rent office in the studio is located on the bleaching zubov.Studiya Weiner 9a BC Nakhimov (opposite the Passage and the Assumption
For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site included besplatno.Prodaetsya current entertainment complex in the property. Hotel and restaurant in one place. Banquet hall can accommodate up to 60 people. Summer terrace accommodates up to 150 people. The games room features a pool table. Tennis stol.Reznye chess. On the summer terrace is a barbecue where you can cook several dishes in the cottage sauna front of the house is a huge parking up to 20 cars. There are karaoke system Bridal Suite Accommodation Overnight up to 45 people. Hookah zone. Projector Fireplace Building 500 m2 The price also includes equipment, furniture, website, phone. Net profit 250 000 rubles. / Month Average Monthly Turnover: 790 000 rub. The average monthly cost is 540 000 rubles. Number of employees: 6 Foundation c / n: 180 000 rubles. / Month. Additional information about the rooms: 500 sq.m. Intangible assets: Website, mobile phone manufacturing equipment: Furniture, equipment Age of business: 5 documents and licenses: Ownership


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