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Acting Department Souvenirs, Jewelry, Cosmetics

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Acting Department Souvenirs, Jewelry, Cosmetics


Sold fully ready for business baking and selling the popular Czech culinary products (Trdelnik). Business is actively developing i
Real estate jewelery acting department, cosmetics, souvenir and gift products. Sale with tovarom.Assortiment ogromnyy..Otdel works half the year. All this time, all revenue and even more was spent on the completion of the range! Have their permanent klienty.Tovar targeted at all ages and vkusy.Mesto located in the popular store supermarket '28 'on ul.Marchenko 15.Vysokaya prohodimost.Legko discourages rent and z / sellers! We sell everything under the key! Just give all the contacts of wholesale purchase and sales advice all. Can carry the office in any other commercial location, convenient vam.Otdel very bright and attractive even for large shopping complexes, at least for small! You can change the direction of the style department under their goods. Store the administration policy does not prohibit. Now audit the amount of the selling price of the goods is not less than 350,000 !!! This is despite the generation of fake no more than 100%! Plus high-quality windows with diode illumination! Also in the present furniture, cabinets, fixtures, and a variety of shopping ... All 149000r.! Those. even less purchase of goods available in the windows! Stable prodazhi.Imeetsya notebook prodazh..Prodaotsya urgent family reasons! Everything else is on the phone.


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