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Acting Business Car parking fines to prop

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Acting Business Car parking fines to prop


Equipped building of the shopping center. Inside a bowling alley, cafe, additional space. All in perfect condition. S = the buildi
Existing business with a full range of services: Car with a car wash, tire point, toe-out, auto parts store, evacuation services, parking fines. Service: Business provide quality expensive equipment for plumbing repairs, wheel alignment 3D, 5 lifts of which 1 chetyrhstoechny collapse - convergence, 3 - double column and 1 - Single Column, para tire. car wash, cleaning of injectors, computer diagnostics on the diagnostic LAUNCH equipment, also has a large lathe and press.Est empty room with a hoist for further expansion. A large customer base of individuals and legal entities, on cash and cashless payments. Service and repair work 20 years. Installed a video surveillance system with online access, for guests organized a comfortable seating area. At the second level service center management office organized with a kitchen and an accountant's office, a toilet, there is another room (not used). On the ground floor of acceptance office and shop of auto parts: auto oil and a huge warehouse of spare parts for cars impornogo production (Audi Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Opel, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota.) As well as work under the order. As well as auto parts analysis b / u.Na territory organized space for car service centers (approximately 9-12 cars), organized parking in front of the building. Fine stoyankaOtvetstvenny manager for the formulation and delivery of transport sredstvOhranyaetsya dog leads videonablyudenie.Kruglosutochnaya work with employees GIBDDAvto tow trucks: 2 units .: Kiya with a manipulator with hydraulic winch, Volday - sliding platform with a hydraulic winch. Separate area of ​​100 square building. meters currently leased by grocery magazin.- Heating gas, own boiler rooms, water, kanalizatsiya.- staff consists of 13 people, friendly, qualified kollektiv.- Business is located in an area of ​​4340 square meters. m. building area of ​​870 sq.m. ALL IN PROPERTY. The entire business is sold in sovokupnosti.Dlya refinement call details!


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