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Accessories, Electronics repair

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Accessories, Electronics repair


Selling juice machine ZUMMO with space in the shopping center Silver City (1 urovne at ATMs). Machine made in Spain, the best in i
Selling ready-made, profitable and very promising business! Sales of accessories for mobile, portable speakers, accessories, appliances, and everything for the iPhone! Concluded cooperation with Tele2, provide simkarty free, all the money from sales of your own! Also, the department carries out repair of cell, navigators, laptops, tablets Before masters, who repairs for half price, your bonus! To suppliers where to buy goods at wholesale prices, several times cheaper! Showcases a wide, can hold a lot of goods! You can expand the range! The department is in the shop pokupochka in Dzerzhinsk District. By passing of my department here: pet products, cosmetics, department, department of automotive products, a pharmacy and a hairdresser! Nearby more plumbing shop! Showcases made to order for 80 thousand, the rest of the trade about the same amount. Rent paid for 2 months in advance. This is one of the few businesses that easily pays for itself in 2 months! Soon will come the New Year week, in which the profit is increased by several times! Sold only in November and December will be hired to work on the exchange of automotive products prodavets.Vozmozhen Department! For questions please write, call from 8 to 21h


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