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Academypoker (franchise)

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Academypoker (franchise)


Poker Academy - one of the most popular poker schools in the vast Russian-speaking Internet, as evidenced by the number of registe
Poker Academy - one of the most popular poker schools in the vast Russian-speaking Internet as evidenced by the number of registered users - more than 230000 the cooperation with the biggest poker rumami (888poker TitanPoker Poker Stars) and positive feedback from the students about learning. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that having a base of Poker Academy is expanding its business and is looking for partners. Poker Academy started its work in 2008. Initially the company offered only off-line training for tournament poker in St. Petersburg. In late 2009 the site was launched with Poker Academy quiz. In September 2010 the site has been upgraded at the same time online training was launched on the website. We began to fully develop our school with an emphasis on an individual approach to each player. Since September 2011 the Academy of Poker has its first partner whose success was so impressive that in the same year we took a further 9 partners in order to scale the business. At the moment the company has more than 120 partners worldwide. In 2013 in order to more effectively support the Academy office project Poker was opened in Minsk. In 2015 the Poker Academy is planning to further expand the business and enter the European market in order to attract new customers and increase brand brenda.V Russian-speaking Internet Poker Academy receives positive reviews and has a leading position. Of course we are not going to stop there as we plan to enter the European market and to start with an English-speaking audience in the near future. The main advantages of the franchise Poker Academy: 1. Income which is produced by our partners is in USD and EUR. 2. Business is not tied to a place and you can drive it from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. Even while traveling or to the beach. 3. The division of labor 87% (of the head office of Poker Academy of work) and 13% on the shoulders of the partner. 4. Already in the first month you will get its first profit. 5. What is your training and preparation of the project will take two weeks. 6. If you do not move in the business it does not bear losses. 7. The best result was repulsed investment in a franchise is only two weeks. 8. Neither partner is not left in a minus all the work with income. 9. No additional charges except for communication and advertising budget. 10. Access to the European market in the near future. Let's talk about the algorithm works which is simple as one two three ... One. Advertise your site to registered players on it. When you become our partner more importantly what you get is your own website - complete double our website only on a different domain. For more details on the link nizhehttp: 150000 // new franchise I sell for 90000.Pereoformlenie site will pass through the head office so you can be sure of the correctness of the transmission site the new owner. Call anytime. so you can be sure of the correct transfer to the new owner of the site. Call anytime. so you can be sure of the correct transfer to the new owner of the site. Call anytime.


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