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A well-known store in the center of Moscow

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A well-known store in the center of Moscow


Shop Belarusian sausages and delicatessen. Milk. Pickles. Untwisted place. Very very!!! high permeability. A separate, cozy shop 2
The shop is located in a shopping center near m. Theater and m. Okhotny Ryad nearby convenient parking. Turnover: 2.5 million Net income: 700 000 Famous brand, the general sponsor of 'Miss Russia' Broad awareness store, website, social networks among the target audience. Many loyal customers have subscribed to the social network. shop Assortment: evening, cocktail and wedding dresses of famous American brand. A long-term contract staff: 2 Seller and manage the store installed a professional directional light, video surveillance. The cost of cash balances 12 000 000 p. Remained or have any questions? Call us! 540572


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