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A well-known health store in the city center

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A well-known health store in the city center


Rent a pavilion with a 7 micron spot-on. Light. Aquarius showcases, racks aluminum available, refrigerated display cabinets for fi
Sold ready-made business - known health store in the center of the area goroda.Magazin 101kv.m located in the annex of the office building in the heart of the city Krasnoyarska.Kompaniya specializes in selling advanced technology in the field of medicine, equipment for prevention, restoration of health and natural beauty cheloveka.Nasha technique - a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture and low frequency miostimulyatsii.Dannoe direction is stable for 3 goda.V hall the presentation of services and goods for the health, to torye can then be kupit.Oborudovanie: Trade equipment, office equipment, massage equipment, Balance of goods will be transferred to the new dealer vladeltsu.Ofitsialny products from South Korea to Krasnoyarske.Personal in the amount of two managers is willing to stay with the new owner. Full legal support.


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