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A unique online store fixtures from Europe

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A unique online store fixtures from Europe


For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and
For sale a unique online store premium fixtures. In the five years of active work shop has won a reputation as a professional partner for architects and designers of Russia, has become popular among high-end homeowners, Russian actors and celebrities, big companies, beauty salons and luxury store zastroyschikov.Internet actively advertised on TV and the Internet, is the sponsor of the lighting equipment for television projects on NTV (Alteration, housing problem) is present in three of the issuance of Yandex on key demands, has international awards and nominations. Zest: e-shop is located in a strictly professional niche - only European producers of premium segment. Specialization: modern LED lighting systems with Thiele high-tech, smart home, individual modern solutions: track lighting system, the light on the ropes (strings), ultra-thin panels with magnets, LEDs, floating in the air and the exceptionally high functionality svetilniki.Krome of the online store has a fully staffed office near the center of Moscow (on loan), a professional team (the staff in the office and remote employees), showroom, warehouse zapas.Vse business processes are debugged, all necessary for business contracts have been signed, guaranteed income from the first day of purchase. Financial investment is required, accounts receivable and kreditorki otsutstvuet.Predostavlyaemye services: retail and wholesale trade, the selection of lighting for home and office, professional technical advice, installation and assembly. Those. the client can get the service of turnkey .In the company has invested significant investments.


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