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A two-storey restaurant on Petrogradka. Own

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A two-storey restaurant on Petrogradka. Own


For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and
For safety and transparency the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site is included for free. For sale panoramic restaurant with a building in the ownership of the Petrogradka. Business is located in a separate building with total area of ​​352 square meters property of the seller. Under the building - the leased land area of ​​500 square meters (250 TR per quarter). Communications and electricity by direct contracts allocated capacity of 80 kW. Location - first line the streets with high pedestrian traffic on Petrogradka. There is a separate entrance private guest parking. The nearest metro station - 700 meters. The restaurant is open about a year since the re-branding and a complete change of concept. Thanks to the professional team of restaurateurs who have been developing the project restaurant from the first days of work completed by guests and site feedback - positive feedback from customers. New restaurant visitors learn about it from social networks from radio advertising as well as from partner institutions and dealers. The building has installed two of the ventilation system - the kitchen and the room (supply and exhaust). Across the area of ​​the building operates a video surveillance system with online access it is fire-fighting system. From basic equipment for the kitchen and bar: refrigerating and freezing equipment Hosper combi oven induction cooker. A complete list of equipment send mail upon request. R-Keeper metering system is installed. There is alcohol license for a period up to 2020. State institution personnel - a source of pride of the owner. The famous chef in the kitchen an experienced manager in the hall the total number of employees 13 people. Wages Fund within 400 TR per month. At your request sent to an almost complete list of the equipment and links to public pages. Call Number of employees: 13 Foundation c / n: 400 000 / mo. Floor area: 352 m2 Information Landlord: Property Age of business: 2 Legal form: Ltd.


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