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A top sports bar

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A top sports bar


Sold ready business a top sports bars bar.Sportivnye came to Russia from Europe relatively recently, and now we like Entertainment
Sold ready business a top sports bars bar.Sportivnye came to Russia from Europe relatively recently and now we like Entertainment is actively developing. The popularity of these institutions among the fans and visitors of conventional pubs steadily rastet.Bar makes it possible to watch your favorite sports channels relax with friends and cheer for your favorite team and at the same time to sit in the company of like-minded people with a large glass of beer in his hand and enjoy your vacation. Opportunity to combine 'two in one' - expensive stoit.Perspektivy of the bar are great for several reasons: - First it is located in the central part of the city near the busiest streets. In - the second because the institution is not formalized a license for liquor and yet he brings a good profit. A document preparation revenue opportunities will undoubtedly grow. In - Third a large number of regular frequenters of the bar which will ensure a stable asset pribyl.Materialny bar: Tables chairs - for 24 seats 3 TV satellite receiver Refrigerated display Refrigerated under napitkiZhizn relevant institutions covered in the social network VKontakte full legal support. net monthly income: 75 000 rub.Okupaemost 12 mes.Srednemesyachnye Turnover: 400 000 rub.Kolichestvo employees: 2 chel.Ploschad premises: 71m2Stoimost rent: 44% Age rub.Dolya100 business 3 godaDokumenty persons enzii: All documents from the owner and ready for inspection


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