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A successful business shop and beauty salon

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A successful business shop and beauty salon


A great start in the business world for any business vozrasta.Na the shopping center 'Dashkovskaya Fair' shop sells 'Stationery an
Selling ready, incumbent since 2012 business - Limited Liability Company. Grocery store 60 square meters. m, with the trading equipment (racks, refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, freezers, computers (2x) with 1C:.. License Barcode shop online software Cash and current alcohol license until 2021, and the entire trade balance price provider of professional sellers who work very well and the new space for the beauty salon (hairdresser) -50 square meters, repair and materials:..... modern and very high quality Following the acquisition and renewal, repair and used for other purposes not noise. insulation, electric cable, plumbing -All done on conscience. CCTV (camera 5) and .Ohrannaya fire alarm, with the output on the console private security (in agreement). Parking is also under video surveillance. Excellent pedestrian and car traffic! All rooms formalized under the current store all documents in poryadke.Zaklyucheny and operate all contracts with utilities and service organizations. A very good relationship with suppliers. Sale in connection with the move to relocate to another region.Zvonite, I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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