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A successful and well-paced clothing store

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A successful and well-paced clothing store


Selling shopping island in the largest shopping and entertainment tsentre.Raspolozhen a good location in the area of ​​large pedes
Shop 70 sq.m. Located in the heart of the city - street. Goncharov, 30 Street with one of the highest traffic gorode.Magazin Stoke & second-hand clothes from Europe. Successfully worked almost god.Pokazateli: Turnover: 400 000- 500 000Pribyl: 200 000 - 250 000 What is included in the price 'Turnkey - 150 000 rubles': 1. Fully equipped trading room - Joker system, wall hung around the perimeter flat and circular rack inside the hall - mannequins - 3 units - basket d / sales - 1 sht- zone for sale of shoes and bags with shelves (4 pieces) - shop d / fitting - a zone for sale small things with shelves (4 pieces) - racks 500-550 piece goods (plastic static) - cash area (cash desk - Manuf order.) - cash drawer (CD-405-B) - printer label printer Brother QL-570 ( A recording and making of goods in the cloud store basis, inventories, control product sales) - Scanner (instant scanning of goods the sale, a search in the headings) - monoblock Lenovo C260, 4GB, Intel, Windows 10 color white, diagonal 19.5 (for reference cloud system integration product + sales) - electronic scales Shtrih_Slim 300DP1- stained glass mirrors from ceiling to floor 2 pieces - in the heart of the shopping zala- fitting 2 pieces, fully prisposobleny- 2 mirrors from floor to ceiling, curtains -2 units, puffs and veshalki- steamer Tefal Instant Control 1700W IS8360 - 1 piece (powerful and leaves no traces) - ZyXEL KEENETIC START II modem (free high-speed internet for Veda Nia goods accounting system) - a sofa to relax clients 2. Start commodity stock - 30 000 rubles (the price below the purchase, at the price of some items from 7 to 12 Euro for 1 piece) total 60-70 kg 3. Storage: - put a wall . that allows you to be on the patent system of taxation (of about 35 000 per year, you can not have a ticket office, which significantly reduces costs !!!) - the room has good ventilation system- excellent lighting, air-conditioning - a WC (+++ ) - joker system d / storage tovara- dining area (table) 4. brand 'mods' - the name and brand design, banner, tags 5. customer base (300 regular customers) with the number of telephones. 6. Phone + SIM card (known clients) 7. Landing-Page (on request link, there can not be placed) 8. Loyal landlord, always and all can be solved quickly. The store can be rented for 1-3 years or more. 9. Transfer all the contacts for purchase in Europe, there are terminals for purchases Rossii.Pri opening costs amounted to 320 thousand rubles + + brand development lendingPokupaya this business, from the first day you get a full salary. Shop is fully equipped and does not require any additional costs, except for new purchases tovara.Klienty love to shop, and with great pleasure come to shop. All appearance and passwords on purchases, sales, pricing and other professional chip peredadim.Vse questions ready to discuss at a meeting or by phone Sale due to relocation


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