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A shop for needlework

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A shop for needlework


Trade area of ​​50.9 square meters, has gas central heating, air conditioning, tiled floors, carried out urban water, there is fir
Sold ready, oiled business. Shop- salon needlework \ All embroidery and crochet \ is located in the city of Engels, has successfully worked for over seven years. Due to the favorable location, with excellent maneuverability, store enough populyaren.Biznes located in rented premises of 85 m2.s profession.kollektivom.Blagodarya successful long-term experience as well as a wide range of products presented in the store, there was a large base of regular pokupateleyV price includes: -trade equipments, advertising signs, equipment for video surveillance, air conditioning, - Internet, Wi-Fi-router, two computers, a printer, scanner, pos.sistema program 1S- burglar alarm, Due to postavschikami.V business are not included commodity ostatki.Summa at purchasers' prices of commodity balance,


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