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A popular street food in the cafe Loop location

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A popular street food in the cafe Loop location


Become the owner of a cafe on the eve of the trend of the season! Good afternoon, my name is Maksim Chorny and I'm selling its str
Become the owner of a cafe on the eve of the trend of the season! Good afternoon my name is Maksim Chorny and I'm selling its street food cafe Street-a-pita.Vynuzhdenno break away from the child's mother heart which he has created everything is set up and now it was not enough time in connection with the load in other proektah.Na repair equipment spent more than 4.5 million rubles sold cheaply to the institution exactly lived and developed new vladeltsem.A as the prospects for the development of this project see the huge looking for the one who is close in spirit project and who are willing to develop it gave it bigger. Really sorry to part invested a bunch of energy and resources is the result which is understandable as the scale especially now the season begins which affects the vyruchke.Stritfud - a trend that is gaining popularity. The population is impoverished and becomes popular place with a small average check of 500 rubley.Kontseptsiya institutions - is the author's shaverma of natural products in a cozy beautiful interere.Pomimo shavermy menu has soups side dishes desserts alcoholic and non-alcoholic napitki.Remont done on the conscience new eco-friendly materials supply and exhaust ventilation hood is normal custom-made furniture expensive tiles floor pokrytiya.Polnostyu fitted and equipped kitchen: refrigerated cabinets stoves freezers grills mikrovolnovki.P luchilos create a really comprehensive product feedback from visitors is very positive - we have a tasty rustic bystro.Osnovnoy room - 40 square meters. m kitchen 35 sq. metrov.Na today six months of work the cafe has reached a turnover of 700 thousand rubles (standing IIKO - everything can be checked). For many of the patrons. Nearby is the Concert Hall Oktyabrsky where it comes from a lot of people with concerts around several business centers from which come ofisniki obedy.Est on a real understanding of how to make the rescue more do not have time to do other projects take too much vnimaniya.Personal happy to continue its work with the new owner. For six months of work were set up all business processes. Made brendirovanie.Ustanovlena iiko automation system keeps records of all revenues expenses purchases sebestoimosti.Vozmozhen bargaining on all issues zvonite.RASPOLOZhENIEV downtown Ligovsky Prospect 11 in front of the Concert Hall Oktyabrskiy.Ploschad: 75 m²Arenda: 120 000 rubleyDogovor rent : 3 godaKommunalnye services: 20 000 rubleyPomeschenie with the author's design within walking distance of metro.SREDSTVA PROIZVODSTVAPolnostyu equipped kitchen cooker hood ventilation. INTANGIBLE AKTIVYGruppy in the social. setyah.Teh. Card blyud.PERSONAL1 upravlyayuschiy2 administratora.2 povara.2 pomoschnika.DOKUMENTYVse necessary documents and permits in nalichii.DOPOLNITELNAYa INFORMATsIYaProdaotsya due to the workload of the owner in other proektah.Poka classified hanging - Café more sold and offer relevant.


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