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A popular sporting goods store

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A popular sporting goods store


Lease operating dairy pavilion. Outlet shopping is in line with high pedestrian and car traffic!
For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site is included for free. Sale advertised goods store for active recreation. The main sales are to the hyped online store, orders are accepted from all over Russia. Business successfully works Bole 7 years. Located in a residential area, with a separate entrance and a low-rent, floor area 135sq.m. Rental cost is 35000r. All municipal payments are included in the rent. This will help to reduce costs at the initial stage. All contacts with suppliers with transport companies will be transferred, as the owner is willing to provide a full entry into the business. It helps deal with the management of the site. All business processes are established in a way that requires minimal involvement of the owner. Sports theme is very popular in Russia. If we extend the product group, it is possible to double profits and reduce the payback period of the investments. Financial indicators are available on request. Call us! Profit: 120 000 rub. / Month Payback: 20 months Number of employees: 1 List of staff: business owners will find a new employee. Old is not ready to stay. The fund s / n 16 000 rubles. / Month. Floor area: 135 m2 Information on the landlord: Legal person For more information about the rooms: 3 rooms for storage and one for windows. Rental price: 35 000 rbl. / Month. Area: 1 cells. Intangible assets: Site group VC instagram boards production equipment: racks, cabinets, office equipment. Age of business: 7 Legal form: Company Share: 100 Rent, premises:


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