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A pharmacy in the village no Competitors

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A pharmacy in the village no Competitors


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For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering of legal entities and site information included besplatno.Prichina Sale of Business: Retirement Sale drugstore in a suburban village. Pharmacy is located in the central part of the village near the stopping point, he has been working for 8 years in the village. The owner does not spend money on advertising, since due to the complete absence of competition and the period of work the whole village buys medication exactly in the pharmacy. The room is an area of ​​120 square meters, is divided on the premises: Shopping area, principal's office, staff room, storage room, household room. The price includes all the necessary equipment and furniture for work: a trade balance in the amount of 700,000 rubles on purchase prices, video surveillance, fire alarm, Pharmacy software operation software. In the state of working 2 and 1 pharmacist comes accountant. The entire staff is willing to stay and work on the same terms with the new owner. Financial indicators: average monthly turnover of the pharmacy 700 000 rubles. The average monthly net income is 60 000 rubles. The owner is willing to confirm these figures. Call now and find out all the details about this business! Profit: 60 000 rub. / Month Payback: 27 months Average Monthly Turnover: 700 000 rub. / Month Average costs 100 000 rubles. / Month Number of Employees: 3 List of staff: 2 pharmacist on how to change work, one comes Accounting Foundation c / n 50 000 rubles. / Month. Floor area: 120 m2 Information on the landlord: Legal person For more information about the rooms: The room is on the first floor of a two-storey building Rent price: 36 000 rubles. / Month. Age Business: 8 Legal form: Ltd. Share: 100 documents and licenses: All financial and permitting documentation the owner is willing to provide


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