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A new form of advertising, advertising on poles, stritbanner

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A new form of advertising, advertising on poles, stritbanner


Selling action (clean, no debt) Ltd. perpetual license MOE to carry out activities to ensure fire safety of buildings and structur
Sale stritbannerov throughout Russia. A new form of advertising (advertising on poles), which is gaining momentum in the advertising companies. Panel Mount is a convenient, mobile, fast payback projects of outdoor advertising. This design and advertising field is set to public lighting support one person, installation time on the strength of 15-25 minutes per day the installer can set up to 30 brackets. Panel Bracket (stritbannery) is designed according to all wind zones in Russia. bracket assembly factory, production time of 5-30 days + shipping. By stritbanneru is a fastener with a license and a certificate of the project. The documentation required to obtain permits. + Great experience in the coordination of the project (the courts, correspondence, legal. Help) Price from 20-100 7100 rubles per set, 100-300 5900 rubles, over 300 contract)))) Dear friends, please note this is not China, it's not Poland, it is not Peter (nordvek) they do not work. Tested !!!


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