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A network of unique shops cafe


Urgently in connection with his departure selling Premises 59kv.m. For your business, or how to prepare a business with tenants !!
For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site is included for free. On sale is a network of 3 popular shops, eateries. stores location on the city streets central characterized by high permeability, which ensures stable high-revenue for each of the points. The total area of ​​its premises is 226 m2. Rental rate - 520R. per 1m2. Signed long-term leases. The network offers a wide range of own products (chicken grill, shawarma, pizza, pies, fries, nuggets, burgers and other fast food), as well as products from suppliers (beer, appetizers, snacks and fish). Key business benefits: - the location of points in areas with high traffic - own production (kitchen) appropriate standards SanPiN - a high mark-up on products - 2 years of work, recognizable brand in the city - well-organized work with suppliers - Waste assortment matrix (products for the entire population) - staffed by trained personnel - a modern system of automation and control, video surveillance - the transparency of accounting and business processes. Financial indicators are confirmed! The sphere of trade / catering is one of the most popular and sought after in Russia. This is due to strong demand for the products of daily consumption of any sections of the population. By acquiring this business, you will be able to have a stable high income from the first day, as well as prospects for further development of the network. There is a real interest - call! Profit: 563 000 rub. / Month Payback: 16 months Average Monthly Turnover: 2.18 million rubles. / Month Average costs: 1.617 million rubles. / Month Number of Employees: 15 List of Staff: bartenders, cooks, accountants Fund c / n 249 000 rubles. / Month. Floor area: 226 m2 Information on the landlord: An Individual Rental Price: 116 500 rub. / Month. the means of production: on-demand business Age: 2 Legal form: SP


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