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A network of 3 vending machines in the territory of one hundred

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A network of 3 vending machines in the territory of one hundred


Sale of ready-made business. Urgently. Furniture salon 'Commander' (wardrobes, kitchens, any cabinet furniture). Open from May 201
For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site is included for free. Machines are in the best locations: the device installed on the territory of the molar kuzavnogo hundred with a car wash (coffee and snack) and 1 machine stands on the site of a large car service and car wash (coffee). Set: coffee machine Necta Kikko Es6 2010. (Payment system - CechCode, CoinCo.) Necta Salisto 2012 (payment system - ICT, CechFlou). The equipment is in excellent condition, service was carried out on time. All documentation is in the hands of the owner. All vehicles bought new purpose for these points. There are sales statistics and to download the product for the past 2 years. Rent for 3 machine is 3 tys.r. Included trademark residue. This business brings a stable income and does not take a lot of time by the owner. The owner is ready to give everything and contact suppliers. The reason for selling a business - buying a home and moving into the area. Call us! For more information call. Profit: 37 000 RUR / month Payback: 15 months Average Monthly Turnover: 90 000 RUR / month Average costs: 53 000 RUR / month Number of employees: 1 List of staff: experienced and specialized staff Area of ​​premises: 3 m2 Information Landlord: Legal person cost of renting : 3000 rubles / month. Intangible assets: Favorable conditions for leasing The accumulated customer base of service Means of production: All the equipment is in perfect condition Age of business: 2 Legal form: IP documents and licenses: There are all necessary lokumentatsiya rent, premises:


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