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A network of 3 stores in SEAD

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A network of 3 stores in SEAD


Store everything for the holiday. Galaxy shopping and entertainment center. 117. The builders have opened 2 months. Rental 9600 go
Equipped, profitable, highly reliable business! 3 sale network of pharmacies in SEAD. Pharmacies are located in the center of the residential area, signed long-term leases. Business steadily gaining momentum. Pharmacies are fully equipped. State ukomplektovan.Oborot employees: 3.6 million rubles a month, net profit of 150 000 rubles mesyats.1. Age of business - 1 year. 3 sale network of pharmacies in SEAD. 2. Pharmacy is conveniently located in the heart of the residential area. 3. Premises area of ​​43 sq. m., 95 sq. m., 50 sq. m, all long-term lease for a term of 5 years, rents -. 280 000 rubles mesyats.4. Pharmacies fully oborudovany.5. Business steadily gaining momentum. 6. Formed staff: 8 chelovek.7. Business vysokonadozhen. Yield confirmed test.


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