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A network of 25 sales, coffee, prize machines

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A network of 25 sales, coffee, prize machines


Greenhouse working in Tuymazy area. Plot - 6 GA. Size greenhouses 3.3 GA. 330 * 100 meters. Growing crops -ogurtsy and tomato. The
Sold out a network of vending machines, about 25 vehicles with seats (all works, make a profit) and a few in stock (pick up location). - Snack spring device with a lift in Stupino in the center of the street in thermo. - Prize Machine 'PUSH MI OUT' in 'Pyaterochka' in Stupino - Spark big 'Avend' (snack with coffee soluble) in sad.tsentre in Kashire- Jar apparatus 'Coca-Cola', in c / center Kashire- The prize-winning machine 'Voves Push' (knockout prize cue) in the shopping center at the station in Serpukhov near the entrance to Burger king, Fixed-price, Agribusiness and Eldorado, 2 apparata- prize 'Sniper' on the market in Kashira in front of the Fixed-price, t / u Stupino, opposite the Mack Zhukovskom- total 3 machines- automatic prize Tornado (hand catching money) in TC Serpuhove- snack machines 'samsung' in thermo outside (fridge, heating, running line) on the self-service car wash in Podolsk and / center Kashira - Prize Machine 'Treasure of Monte Cristo' (such as sniper) under repair - snack machines 'Revlods Domain' at the car wash self-service Vidnom- 2 pieces - snack machine 'Revlods Domain' hostel in Scherbinke- Snetkova 'Vetenborg' carousel in the garden. Center (Barybino) (required door repair, adjustment) - Coffee Machine 'Samsung' (2 kinds of instant coffee + other drinks 600 cups, domestic heating, is on the street in Vidnoe, Podolske- coffee machine a little on instant coffee 'Avend-k40 'one in sad.tsentre Kashira, in the second warehouse snack carousel' someone Sturfud 'in hor.sost -. The device' Unicum 'for the sale of CDs, tights, books and so on. - Jar apparatus 'Wendy 811', repair is required (front panel, the wiring of the refrigerator, lighting lamps, and so on fines) or TP-10-15 Mechanical selling gum balls before entering the Mak Zhukovsky and tdVse necessarily equipped with payment systems, prizovyh- in the hopper. All have instruktsii.V as a bonus the buyer, network- ALL CONTENT ON THE DAY OF PURCHASE SPARE PARTS + + FORK HAND LOADER FOR CAR + infu on room for development. The cost for all devices that have on the points and on the stock, (less than 40 tr for the device ...) or from 50 to 100 mp. / Point can exchange any offers more 1 million rubles. Trading is a small real buyers. Network develops slowly, so the cost is gradually increasing. In terms of revenue. Reports do not conduct, so there is no evidence. To be honest, at MO apparatus brings clean from 5 to 10 mp, if there is not at the train station or place of thieves. But there is and the appropriate rent, then that is what happens. If someone promises more, I think, lies Thus 25 apparatus owner bring about 100-150 tr / m if all arrange through and serve slowly scheduled 1-2 p / week. Think! The reason for sale- too vyalotyakuschy business for me, boring drive around everything and stupid to collect money, you want more traffic ... in another region ...


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