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A multi-industrial complex

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A multi-industrial complex


Our farm includes: -Pekarnya with an assortment of more than 80 species, and bakery products. 12 regular bakers technologist, Russ
Our farm includes: -Pekarnya with an assortment of more than 80 species and bakery products. 12 regular bakers technologist Russian equipment in the operating state the working area of ​​200 m2. Contracts for the supply of bakery products in 32 magazina.- retail network with a client base. The property has 4 stores. 4 Shop for rent. The entire sales network is equipped with the necessary working equipment and personalom.- Catering. Restaurant-bar. - Livestock: -Krolikovodstvo. -Ptitsevodstvo ovigerous rocks. -Prudovoe fish farming of carp species. Sales of products in the restaurants St. Peterburga.-Land ownership 6 ha. Transformer substation at 160 kW. Independent water supply. Warehouses repair box. The territory is asphalted and ogorozhena.-workshops with a broad profile works equipped with wood and metal working machines area 200 m2. motor and tractor-Net Park which satisfies the needs of production. 7 units. Filling station for their own needs. Production ensures sufficient prybil. There is a possibility of expanding production.


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