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A major medical center near the subway sao

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A major medical center near the subway sao


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For sale a large medical center on the first line of houses. business property is situated on the ground floor of a residential building, a separate entrance and free parking. Easily accessible by public and private transport. The entrance is from the street. On the premise of a little less than 500 m2 is a long-term lease agreement for a period of 5 years, with rents in the amount of 600 000 rubles per month, including utilities. The medical clinic is equipped with 15 doctors' offices, and 6 technical facilities. The license for all (including medical records, medical check-ups, driving and weapon certificate) except surgery. 20 doctors work in the state. Some cabinets Medical Center sub-leased. The clinic works in this place for more than 2 years. Installed programs infoklinika and 1C. The clinic offers a full range of medical services. The sale price includes the equipment for a total of 8 million rubles. I have a website and a group on social networks. Business is fully equipped with all necessary equipment. Revenue confirmed accounting program. List and the list of on-demand licenses. Average monthly oboroty1 200,000 rubles. Monthly pribyl200 000 rubles.


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