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A lucrative business for the delivery of products

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A lucrative business for the delivery of products


The price is valid up to the delivery of business 15.11.2017Perspektivny products ( is now becoming fashionable to at
The price is valid up to the delivery of business 15.11.2017Perspektivny products ( is now becoming fashionable to attend cooking classes and be able to cook home food restaurant level !!! But not everyone is able to mean a lack of time and money ... We offer you a proven business model, which is unique for the time being there is no idea in business: You sell to its customers a turnkey solution - program of dinners for the whole week! Every week you deliver your customers a box of fresh produce and recipes for self-catering. Why customers will use your service, everything is simple - do not need to go shopping in search of the necessary ingredients - no need to rack their brains over what to cook for dinner - It saves time: the average dinner cooking time is 30 minutes, and with a detailed step by step recipe - can cook even a child - all the ingredients you bring in the right amount, that is, nothing is discarded and does not spoil in the refrigerator - Clients serves restaurant level at home from fresh and quality ingredients for that! this business has started to work, you need: - High-quality marketing website where customers will place orders, - the range of dishes (not all dishes are suitable for operation of this service is necessary to consider the possibility of packaging, storage and transport. ovki ingredients and of course the cooking time): professional photo + + step by step recipes of their beautiful design - Refrigerating and freezing equipment (in the initial stages it may be an ordinary household refrigerator) packing materials Advantages: - Absence of competitors, - Proven and promising business model - Food - the most demanded product - High demand - the ROI from 4 months - Modern marketing tools on a small to selling videosyuzheta.NE FRANCHISE! WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE - Modern marketing site ( in online store format, with great potential for the development of any additional lines of business), - More than 130 unique recipes: created and adapted as under this type of business, and a restaurant type of business. This product range will be sufficient to complete the work of service (without elaboration of new courses and the creation of new content to the site layout and design of the recipes) for the whole year, - Professionally Decorated 130 recipes of dishes. It is also laid out on the site, and are fully prepared to work - Professional fotokontent, high-quality advertising materials, - We can also free to pay about 30 developments of new dishes (routings) .Predlagaemyh tools are enough to make the business earned in the first week. With the right approach the net profit in the first week may reach 10,000 rubles (!!! a week !!!). With minimal initial investment, you can become the owner of a promising and successful business with great potential for development!


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