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A large network of car washes and shinomontazhek

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A large network of car washes and shinomontazhek


We sell in Novouralsk, commercial real estate agencywith a net profit of 112-146 TR per month. Business for 3 years. Why sell a
Services: Four car - one for the four posts, two to three posts and one to two posts, six tire shop. Term of the company: 2 years Number of employees: personnel staffed Managing staff: 1 person Wages Fund: 300 000 rub. Location: Samara, Car washes: two on ul.Michurina, ul.Avrory, Solnechnaya str. Shinomontazhki: ul.Michurina, ul.Nagornaya two on Solnechnaya str, two on the Moscow highway. The financial picture Revenue: 1.4 million rubles. Monthly cost: 800 000 rubles. Net profit 600 000 rubles. Payback period: 18 months. Fixed assets Properties: carwashes Lease: 1. ul.Michurina S-200 sq 2. ul.Avrory S- 100 sq 3. ul.Michurina, the room in an office building: carwash-shinomontazhka S -120 sq 4. Solnechnaya str S-100 sq.m. Shinomontazhki: five of its own modular building with shops on the leased land, one in the building with a car wash. Rent total to 330,000 rub.mes. the means of production: Car equipped with car wash equipment: AVD partotehnika, steam generators, vacuum cleaners. In each workshop a complete kit for automobile tire, the ability to repair the wheels to 22 range. Equipment for balancing machines for straightening the cast and extruded disks, vulcanizer, a compressor 100 l., Lifts, elevators, welding apparatus, hoses, screwdrivers, keys sets Bench table necessary tools to complete the work. All rooms at the facilities are equipped with video surveillance. Certificates: lease agreement. All necessary approvals. Invoices. Intangible assets: Good reputation, repeat customers, Untwisted telephone numbers. Additional information: Reason for the Sale: The development of non-core business Status: Existing business with a privileged location in the city Samara, placed near or on the intersection of the main highways of the city. Comments: Stable operating company with the most popular range of services for the population. Lucrative and quickly paid back the business. Debugged and equipped structure in all divisions, stable collective washers, tire repairers and machinists. Technical characteristics of the object: in the building has all the necessary communications, water supply, dedicated electric power up to 25 kW, heating, video surveillance and equipping administrators. Dear potential customers! Please take into account,


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