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A large crystal salt cave

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A large crystal salt cave


Unique selling ready-made business! A well-known brand, the positive reputatsiya.V cave, which is located up to 23 visitors, rathe
Unique selling ready-made business! A well-known brand, the positive reputatsiya.V cave, which is located up to 23 visitors, rather than 4-8 in the other family health center (cave) CA from 2 to 90 years old Very good location: near schools, kindergartens, hospitals (children and adult), as well as a supermarket. High pedestrian traffic. There are advertising in health centers, kindergartens, schools, collaboration with health centers, Astrakhan circus online coffee shops, cinemas, shops and spa salonov.Dopolnitelny income provides sale of salt products, oxygen water. Installed the latest generation of equipment. The cave is equipped with television the LG, air conditioning, good IKEA furniture, video surveillance system (online), fire and security alarm, LED backlight. Wi-Fi, a showcase for the sale of related products, «Armed» Oxygen Concentrator Model 7F-3A. Works of supply and exhaust ventilation. Noble, beautiful, nice, easy business, and perfectly suited to women who every day has a pleasant chat with touching pensioners, sensitive parents and their charming children. The profit from the first day! There is a group VC in the OK to Instragrame. Popular website (TOP-3 Yandex), without investing in advertising. We are the first in the home page of the portal poiske.Na astrakhan3d ru point, you can see a cave tour in 3D !!! Short memorable phone number. During 1.5 years of the salt cave a large-scale marketing campaign, earned a reputation as extremely reliable and trustworthy provider of wellness services. Prepared layouts of all printing materials. Advertising banner, press Wall to participate in conferences and festivals of the city. The client base includes more than 1000 contacts. Repeat customers, a steady flow of new ones. The biggest cave in 91m.3! There is a room in which to provide additional. or put into service subarendu.Solyanaya cave is aimed at a wide target audience. The business has a family format. Major clients - mothers with children, families and elderly people suffering from broncho-pulmonary, skin diseases, diseases of upper respiratory tract, or wishing to spend prophylaxis to prevent disease and strengthen the immune system. The real cost of manufacturing such a cave 2150 tr .. It is much easier and cheaper to buy ready-made cave with an established work instead of starting from scratch! Have time to save and buy a ready, easy, beautiful and noble business at a bargain price. In time, the beginning of the season, revenues in the next 6 months will be higher! Making of the contract of prodazhi.Biznes is the most self-contained and does not require much time, financial and physical costs. Ready-made marketing system. Quick return on investment. Low operating costs. Also, you can pack into a franchise business and develop this area by city Rossii.Srochno, the move to another city.


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