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A hairdresser's salon. business for sale

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A hairdresser's salon. business for sale


Lease or selling Rope Park Balooin Novosibirsk raspalozhenny in Gorky Park Birchwood, three levels of difficulty trails length,
This offer is specially for you! This beautiful business was built from scratch and is thriving in its seventh year. Beauty, by far the most profitable. It has built up a stable customer base. By purchasing this salon you receive income from three jobs barber stylist, Manicurist, solarium., Sales of cosmetics and hair care and body care. It is also at your disposal: a waiting room, utility pomeschenie.Prodazha interior a necessary measure, because of living in Tyumen.Arendnaya fee will be more than acceptable for you. Its price includes the same payment for the consumption of water and elektrichestvo.Nachat a new business is never easy. A purchase already existing and established on the market - profitable. Become the new owner.


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