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A hairdresser, one third share in the

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A hairdresser, one third share in the


The center offers its services in sales and service freight European, American and so on. Art. Implementation bolshegruzov, sale o
Sold 1/3 current parikmaherskoy.Pyat workers mest.Strizhka, manikyur.Rabochie places are not empty-t.e.obekt works and brings pribyl.Esli be separated, for example, your work area from the rest of the layout of the room is pozvolyaet.Sovladeltsy two middle-aged women, one of them is a barber works itself in a working-mest.Salon parikm.nahoditsya in the heart goroda.Udobnaya parking that allows you to increase the number of posetiteley.Otlichny option for a person who wants to start their own business, took one workplace and Started ah, at the same time as the owner of the premises receives a portion of the income from the rest of the workers mest.Vozmozhen exchange for an apartment in the center with a surcharge or no.


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