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A grocery store with their own premises

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A grocery store with their own premises


Selling pavilion 'Tobacco'. Located in the city center, in a protected area, good traffic. Inside equipped with cabinets, display
Sale profitable grocery store, located near the metro station Entuziastov. The first floor of an apartment house, 2 separate entrances from the street, installed outdoor signboard. The room is 64 sq.m. It owned. Distribution: trade hall, a warehouse, an office manager, c / a. Available all the necessary commercial and refrigeration equipment, including 18 refrigerators and 2 oven (all of the equipment in the property). Obtained alcohol license until May 2018. In the state 3 persons: 2 Seller and accountant, payroll 90 000 p. Shop exists at this location since 1999 and is popular with the locals. The average monthly turnover of 1 250 000 rub., Profit 200 000 rub. The cost of business premises with 10.5 million p., included in the price of the commodity on sale dates for the remainder (approximately 600 000 rub.).


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