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A good and reliable business with profit guarantee

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A good and reliable business with profit guarantee


Lease or selling to trade in the area Kholmogorsky s.Emetsk room, n. 2 Brin Navolok object (40m, 55m) All rooms are in the center.
Sold the company for the sale of salvage, firefighting and shipboard equipment. Absolutely transparent buhgalteriya.Gotovy business by 100%. Set quality and affordable advertising bringing a steady stream of klientov.Est good working site with phones in Astrakhan and Moscow. You do not need an office, do not need warehouses - as the company works on a direct and ships from the manufacturer all the goods to the customer. All set up and working on 'autopilot' customers - the oil companies, state and municipal institutions, manufacturing, private litsa.Est existing contracts with foreign kompaniyami.Prichina sale: Move sobstvennika.Srednemesyachnaya profit 100 000 - 200 000 rubles. Business Company operates since 2009 and brings good pribyl.Dopolnitelno: There are a trained manager, who leads the work.


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