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A franchise for the New Year

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A franchise for the New Year


For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and
New Franchise Business 2018 (Seasonal). Do not miss your chance to earn before the New Year! The sooner you will implement, the more you earn! As you know, the biggest profit earning entrepreneurs in the New Year's holidays! Earn you good money for the New Year, in order to fulfill his dream in 2018! The essence of this business: Santa Claus in a video address by name to the child, and congratulates him on the New Year! Spends little game with a child thinks of the puzzle showing cartoons and forgiven by the name of the wish all the best for the child and all this with amazing colors! BUSINESS - SET! In our database of 700 names, including the most rare. Nominal congratulations written to disk, or may be sent in electronic form, which we suggest you do. ‚óŹ What is included in the complete business-SET: Various pieces exactly the video Happy New Year! 1) Magic Ball (single names, ready for use), 2) Magic Ball (to create videos for the two names), 3) Enchanted city 700imen (To create Video on One and Two names) 4) Workshop Santa Claus, 700 names (to create a video for one name), 5) Workshop grandfather Frost (to create videos for the two names), 6) Promotional materials: booklets, pamphlets, 7) video tutorials (that will teach you the right to use the program, understand even a child ) 8) templates on CD Covers and DVD-BOX, 9) Tale Repka, 10) cards, coloring books, envelopes, letters, ready text messages (more than 2 0 options), fonts, 11) The business plan, 12) is a complete software with which all registered video files can be written to disk. 13) BONUS recommendations to promote support 24/7. --------- * Bonus Earnings on letters to Father Christmas (postcards, coloring books, envelopes, letters, ready text messages (more than 20 options), Business - plan). ------------------------- calculate the pribyl.Predpolozhim will distribute video greetings only in kindergartens. Each garden of about 180 people, to buy a letter of congratulation to agree on statistics 70% of the parents, that is, 144 people. Price can install the minimum 350 rubles. Head of the garden give 50 rubles. with each drive and the cost of the disc about 30 rubles. Thus, the profit from one disk is: 350 - 50 - 30 = 270,00 rubles. Buying 144 parents of 270 x 144 = 38.880 TR with a garden! Multiplied by the number of gardens in your city that you have gone through, and profit! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ If you have any questions please contact via Avita or call! Possible to pay in installments (prepaid) - 50% payment / 50% material.


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