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A fitness center with a beauty salon

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A fitness center with a beauty salon


Sold ready-made business - a fitness center with a wellness area of ​​155 square meters krasoty.Pomeschenie located on the first l
Sold ready-made business - a fitness center with a wellness area of ​​155 square meters krasoty.Pomeschenie located on the first line in the extension to dwelling house and includes facilities such as individual training (30 sq m), beauty salon (25 sqm), bathroom and two shower rooms (15 square meters), hall and reception (30 sqm), utility room (15 square meters) and free areas, designed to enhance deyatelnosti.Vidy services: - Beauty care: facial cleansing (ultrasound, mechanical), mesotherapy (face + neck + neckline, head, body), Carboxytherapy, vacuum massage of the face, mikronidling / mezorollernaya therapy piling.- Hand massage: massage, head + face separate areas (cn ins, abdomen, arms), limfodrennazhny massage, tantric massage nog.- wrapping, - the LPG massage - Shugaring.Oborudovanie and materials: EMS simulator - 2 pcs (XBody and i-motion), Costume by EMS (5 wireless and 3 pin), costume LPG, underwear (15 sets), shoe covers, and so on. Trenirovok.Holodilnik accessories, microwave, washing machine, tumble dryer. Mebel.Personal: Two administrator. Professional trainers. Massazhisty.V beauty salon masters work with medical education, who are constantly improving their skills. Currently, activities related to the beauty salon, is actively developing and representing 15% of total revenue. In accordance with the business plan, this figure should rise to 50% by the end of the year, doubling its net profit biznesa.S Given the growing popularity of an integrated service that includes fitness and pampering, you will gain a competitive business, gradually occupy more market share and bringing stable income. Full legal support sdelki.Dopolnitelnaya information: Net monthly income: 400 000 rub.Okupaemost 1 godSrednemesyachnye Turnover: 1000000 rub.Kolichestvo Employees: 7 chel.Fond s / n: 220000 rub.Ploschad premises: 155m2Stoimost rent: 90 000 rub.Nematerialnye assets: Social networks: EC (1100 people), Instagram (3000 people). Internet stranitsa.Dolya: 100% Age of business: 1 godOrganizatsionno legal form: OOODokumenty, License: All documents from the owner and ready for inspection


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