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A comprehensive business center for tourists in Pushkin

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A comprehensive business center for tourists in Pushkin


Business is located in the heart of Tsarskoye Selo - Catherine Palace and opposite the Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum House Direc
Business is located in the heart of Tsarskoye Selo - Catherine Palace and opposite the Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum House Director of EA Engelhardt. From every window of our restaurant offers amazing views of the city's historical landmarks. The building is owned by the well-known St. Petersburg artist, entrepreneur and yoga Sergienko AV Net profit: 1.3 million rubles • The detached, two-storey, residential building, owned by the same owner • Located on the intensive traffic • The first point of catering, which is seen by tourists, leaving the park / going to the park • Balcony and windows to trade • Parking and convenient access • Permeability (6 months from May to October): 250-300 people per day + organized tour groups of 150 to 200 people, more than 2.4 million tourists for the holiday season. • The ability to enter into long-term contract with the registration at the Federal Reserve Ideal for: breakfast, coffee breaks, meetings with friends, Family Dinner, banquets, weddings, tourists, business meetings, romantic dates, Corporate Celebration, Late Dinner Menu is designed on the basis of court cooks recipes books of the 19th century. This interpretation of Russian cuisine with the addition classic European dishes. Turnover During the season, from May to October - 23.000.000r. Averaged - 3.800.000r. The off-season, from November to April inclusive - 11.000.000r. Averaged - 1.800.000r. Season payroll per month - 850.000r. Offseason per month - 450.000r. Margin - the average margin across the enterprise ~ 600% CG - annual average - 65.000r. Rental - 1.070.000r. Footage of the premises with the rate - 2100r.- 510m2 attic - 200m2 without rent. Terrace - 150m2 without rent located opposite the Lyceum of Tsarskoye Selo center, next to the Catherine Palace in the most intense street room information Area: 510 m² Rent: 1.07 million rubles Lease Agreement: The long-term Utilities: 65 000 rubles on the first floor coffee shop, children's area, a souvenir shop. On the second floor: a full cycle of a cafe, two banquet halls. Terrace with views of the palace. Two workshops, storage rooms, office, bathrooms, shower room. Three separate entrances. MEANS OF PRODUCTION Everything you need to continue doing business in this area. INTANGIBLE ASSETS popular website accounts customized advertising on social networks with schools contracts, travel agencies, etc. STAFF The staff is fully completed. DOCUMENTS All documents are available and ready for inspection. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION A comprehensive promoted business located in the right place. №90345


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