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A bakery with its own pr-tion in the south-west

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A bakery with its own pr-tion in the south-west


Sale of the complete cycle bakery, located on a large LCD in the south of the city (Kirov Region). Restaurant opened in February 2
Sale of the complete cycle bakery located on a large LCD in the south of the city (Kirov Region). Restaurant opened in February 2017 and has positioned itself as a bakery with genuine products of own production. The institution made a curd and cheese (~ 30% of revenues) pelmeni and pierogi (30% of revenue) bread and bakery products (30% of revenue). The remaining positions are occupied by the remaining 10% of revenues. There is an opportunity to increase revenue by increasing the range: a very high demand for home cooking (ask sandwiches soups etc). Home meal (the dough into cakes dumplings dumplings and other frost). It is also possible to increase the range of confectionery products and ideally begin to produce its own. m Leninsky Prospekt a large LCD 1 etazhPloschad:. 82 m² Rental price: 70000 rubleyMATERIALNYE ASSETS: • Container big 4 pcs. • Intermediate 4 pcs. • Container blue Wed. 10 pieces. • container blue small. 2 pcs. • metal shelving 9 pcs. • Rastoechny on wheels 1 pc. • Perimeter rack 1 pc. • Wooden 5 pcs. • cupboard with glass exclusive decor 1 pc. • cupboard with glass without design 2 pcs. • rack with illumination for 2 pieces of bread. • Showcases refrigerator • coffee machine • Microwave • Oven • CPE 750-1 with online ticket office evator refrigerator • Don • refrigerator • freezer in the bar • minibar • Tile • Tile mini 2 Comf. • cups • Plastic bowls • Area consumer minipech • • Remote • Remote bicycle advertising advertising banner sign • fence • 15-20m lights at the entrance lights in the hall • 10 lamps + lights • tables • Metal table • tree wood chair • table • neutral table neutral with sink • computer (system unit + screen) • box for money • plates + bowls • shape • packing residue • food residue • color printer • wifi router • ottomans and pillows • house in the children's corner • shelves Bukkrossing books + The accumulated b for customers Staff: 2 seller and baker. Reason for sale - the owner is actively involved in the development of online sales and delivery of their products and wants to bring the production to a separate area. At the bakery there is a group Vkontakte nearly 5000 people it is possible redemption or placing ads in it. Call us!


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