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A W C 4 fuel (8 pistols)

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A W C 4 fuel (8 pistols)


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Modern gas station, in perfect condition, is located along highway M-4 Don in the 1352km + 570m. (8km from Krasnodar towards Dzhubga) and has the following characteristics: 1.AZS 2 columns Nara electronic board (8 pistols - 4 kinds of fuel) is privately owned and no encumbrances net.2.AZS including transitional speed band in excellent sostoyanii.3. Land under the filling station 15 ares in sobstvennosti4.Rezervuarny park - walled underground railway tanks equipped protection against stray currents and lightning. The capacity of the tank farm: D / T (EUR) - 30,000 liters, D / T - 60000 liters, Ai-92 - 60,000 liters of AI-95 -30000 litrov.5.Toplivo plastic wires (service life at least 25 years) .6 .Pozharny underground reservoir capacity 30000 litrov.7.Podstantsiya owned power kilovatt.8 30. The well in the property situated in the territory of the gas station (technical water) .9.Vsya documentation - from the act of land allotment, commissioning and all the permit for the gas station operation, including traffic police, and Rosavtodor imeyutsya.Prodaot owner. Price 15 000 000 rubles. Bargain


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