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5 years working shop Second Hand

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5 years working shop Second Hand


UNIQUE OFFER - sale will run for 5 years online store Second-hand (by the owner), who is in the top 10 online stores on this topic
UNIQUE OFFER - sale will run for 5 years online store Second-hand (by the owner) who is in the top 10 online stores on this topic and has an excellent search engine visibility. In the month prior to 8000 unique visitors. **** What are the advantages of buying online store second-hand - the shop is already filled with the goods you start to make once-does not require a separate room you can continue business even at home- easy to operate and maintain magazina- to store transmitted a special program for quick processing of goods and filling magazina- all goods in the shop photographed processed Gaugeable described packaged in a box numbered and wound up in a special program. - addition of more than 1000 kg for goods specially selected online store (approximately 3500 items) and disassembled by category. This men's women's and children's clothing as a second hand. No need to search for and select the goods everything is already there (to be photographed numbered and contribute to the site) - established relationships with courier companies-the ability to work across Russia from any mesta- You can do nothing to spend and earn up to 2 million per year . **** What's included in the e-shop second hand - SITE at a convenient engine with many modifications and plugins. In the development completion promotion invested about one million rubles. - BRAND NAME recognizable with custom logo - Domain shop - more than 850 second-hand GOODS and flow of commodity cost 675000 rubles (including services for photographing processing photo + description of goods). All products are classified and selected upakovany- 1000 kg of goods (approximately 3500 items) - All the developments for SEO settings the phone customer base and mailing lists etc. Total 2825 000 120 000 minus a gift Total - 2.525 million rubles * *** Monetary indicators: revenue for the 2016 - 1200 000Dohod for 6 months 2017 - 1000000 your costs depend on the chosen model works: if you do everything yourself then for the next 1-2 years costs you have not will (1000kg you will sell just about a year) Profit 100 000 - 200 000 rubles a month (depending on the season). Payback to a year !!! **** Growth prospects: The store is not present in social networks - you just have to create the right profiles and to offer customers affordable clothing in the social. networks and increase their income by 30% -70%. You can also start advertising on Yandex-Direct and Google and get customers not only find but also with reklamy.Est questions - Call OWNER!


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