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470000 p / mes.Agentstvo to sell ready-made business

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470000 p / mes.Agentstvo to sell ready-made business


Proposal for a real and profitable buyer dela.Prodaetsya agency for the sale of ready-made business. I proprietress of this busine
Proposal for a real and profitable buyer dela.Prodaetsya agency for the sale of ready-made business. I proprietress of this business and lead it sama.Shema business works: there are clients who wish to sell your operating business: online store, a salt cave, an advertising agency. Further, we offer assistance to the owner in the sale of its business, attracting customers from the internet resursov.Obyasnyaem how to better position itself, to conduct a presentation before and during the viewing of the object, how to communicate with the client and negotiate sales reveal the secrets of business objects, teaching technique 'closing the client to sdelku'.A importantly - we take the business to the owner on the renewal pokupatelya.Komissiya for the performance of services prescribed in the contract is 500 000 - 2 million rubles. In one month you can sell 1-2 business object and get a guaranteed profit of 470,000 rubley.1. What do you get by purchasing the business? • well-honed business management system, • Prepared documents for the transactions, • The site, • mood of advertising in Yandex, • Full training with immersion into all the details and nuances, • mood advertising on thematic areas for the sale of businesses, • All parts of the work in the context of buyer-seller in transactions, • The scheme of paid publications in top venues in 3 times cheaper, • and most importantly - training, where to take clients who want to sell the business and customers who They want to buy biznes.2. Benefits Agency for the sale of ready business: - Quick and easy entry into this environment - every person will understand in the product for 1 day. Help you learn all the sales techniques and understanding of the product to complete your ponimaniya.- Low advertising costs - up to 10 000 rubles, and the profit from 470 000 to automatism rubley.- Established business protsessy.- Each step in the process is registered, there is a clear instructions and dokumentatsiya.- Time Consumed: 2 - 4 hours in nedelyu.3. Business Highlights: Stable minimum revenue per month: 500 000 rubles. (There is an extract from the settlement account of individuals, with revenues at stake, video customer testimonials, with their contact details) .Chistaya monthly profit: 470 000 rubles, maximum - 2 000 000 rubley.Delaya you this offer, ready for any check with your hand on the person. profitability confirm 100% .4. Reason for sale: Moving to another business sferu.Tsena: 800 000 rubles. instead of 1 million rub.Srok business payback: only 1.5 months. My proposal is relevant to the October 25, 2017 .Zvonite right now, to tell you more about the business! Proprietress.


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