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3in1: personal, profitable and promising business

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3in1: personal, profitable and promising business


Effective and transparent business rental cars. Have time to connect to a single network in your city Exclusive rights: 1 Partner
Intrigued? Just read it - then YES! It is through this pavilion you can realize their successful ideas, which are still not able to make a reality. Therefore, the purchase demand in the business market and make a profit in the first weeks of your adjusted work Acquiring operating a profitable business in Irkutsk you get: 1) The sale of the owner, not by the agency 2) Net income will show and tell you in person!. 3) This business is very profitable and has a huge potential, which can be directed in the right direction with proper podhode.4) trading direction: the fish s / m, chicken, meat (both fresh and frozen). We are the first in a row of similar products, which again is only a plus, since before our competitors do not reach, because purchased from nas.5) Pavilion 36 sq.m. is leased (TR 40 / month), which is small compared to income from conducting this business! 6) We are fully equipped with all necessary equipment (camera deep freeze, cooling chamber, an exhibition hall, refrigerated chest) to provide quality services and any investment on your part is required. 7) The pavilion is located aptly on the central row in the pass-through place, therefore, there is intense movement of people, ie, Your potential klientov8) All the necessary types kommunikatsiy9) established and maintained around the clock video surveillance in order to avoid unforeseen situations. The territory is fully visible. All records are stored for a long time and they will be available if needed. Also installed fire alarm. 10) are running, without posrednikov11) At the initial stage will be given assistance in dealing with suppliers, if there will be a necessity. In the future, we can arrange for technological support and all kinds of advice. This itself we will help you throughout the first stage of your profitable deyatelnosti.12) You will get a huge customer base that we have built for all time, including regular customers. You will get all the existing contracts with our suppliers and service organizatsiyami.13) There are all necessary technical documentation, all licenses and certificates for carrying out this biznesa.14) real buyers appropriate reasonable bargain. Also consider the exchange and sale option without oborudovaniya15) For all the time amassed a huge number of positive reviews. To purchase contact the phone number in the ad, and I will answer all your questions and help you in everything. You want to earn? Here it is your chance! His private and not least profitable business!


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