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3D printing studio with an online store

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3D printing studio with an online store


For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and
For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site is included for free. Business is located in the south of the city in 12 minutes walk from the subway to the business center. Office and industrial area located on an area of ​​21 m2, which is rented at a rate of only 15 TR per month, including KU. Manufacturing provides services for prototyping design of products and devices, small-scale production of plastic products, 3D-modeling, manufacturing souvenir layout of houses under construction and sale of finished products from the catalog. In the presence of all the necessary equipment for the job. Cost only tangible assets is more than 500 000 rubles. A full list is available on request. In addition to the groups in all the popular social networks has its own online store through which the orders come. The ratio of orders B2B and B2C 70 to 30% in financial terms. These are small firms, industrial companies, research institutes and ordinary individuals. Average Order Receipt 4800 rubles. Management reporting is available on request. The company operates more than two years, during which time the customer base of regular customers is about 35 pc. Business is very marginal and has a good potential for development: the margin on the products is 80-90%. At the moment, business is self-sufficient, is necessary to the development of the project in terms of increasing orders and turnover. Production facilities allow to carry out a large volume of orders and to provide a stable income. Sale of business is almost the price of assets! Possible sale of shares of LLC as a part of the business with a different form of cooperation. Call and find out the details! Number of employees: 1 List of staff: Running master with great functionality - receipt of applications, processing and manufacturing of products, etc. The master salary + bonus revenue from the Fund c / n: 35 000 rubles / month. Floor area: 21 m2 Information Landlord: Legal person Rental price: 15 000 rubles / month. Intangible assets: your own online store of the Group in social networks built for business of CRM-system, integrated with the site, social networks Favorable contracts with suppliers of products and technology production equipment: Property and equipment: The printer Makerbot Replicator 2x printer Magnum 2 UNI Printer Magnum 2 PRO Printer Wanhao Duplicator i3 Other: computer, printer, office, cell phone, tools, etc. Full list of equipment available on request. Age of business: 2 Legal form: Company Share: 100 documents and licenses:


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