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30m.Tehnologii plant for water from the tap

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30m.Tehnologii plant for water from the tap


You want to make your business, but do not know where to start? Do you want to expand an existing business with new directions? Lo
You want to make your business, but do not know where to start? Do you want to expand an existing business with new directions? Look for the business in which you can invest and receive a decent income? -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Mini Atomota plant for the manufacture of coatings, water-based, the best solution for your zadach.Litsenziya (franchise) for the manufacture of Atomota lkm- opportunity to get ready for business. The possibility of mini-plant: the production of acrylic (water dispersion) paints and coatings, concrete-contact, varnishes, stains, surface treatments for wood, fire and biological protection and waterproofing compounds, putties, decorative plasters, cleaning sostavov.Delat may be all that is diluted in the water. Mini plant takes only 1 m. Floor, running from the outlet of 220 V. But in this case it really is a mini factory, which can be done in the month of 20-30 tons of paint .In the basis of the manufacture of these coatings is the usual tap water (from 35 to 95%), plus chemistry .You can run your business LMC vezde.V any region of Russia and CIS countries. The yield from 100 to 400% of the raw sebestoimosti.V depending on the type of coatings, distribution channels and t.d.Assortiment, pricing and profitability of their sami.Ogranicheny you set there. -------------------------------------------------- - Our advantages: 1. We offer a compact and high-performance equipment. One mini plant Atomota worth 105,000 rubles. You can skomplektovat its production from any kolichestva.Vy they can plan and release any volume range. 2. When you buy equipment from us you get all the necessary tech. support -retseptury LMC (1000), routings, technology training, contacts with suppliers, advice on proven components 3. By purchasing our license, you get a ready-made solutions for certification license produktsii.Stoimost 50,000 per region. You get the right to use our trademark, specifications and certificates on the most running coatings (paints, primers, concrete-contact). If the license is not required, you can take the equipment and certified independently. 4. You get ready for production and sales biznes.Bystry launch -Ability to obtain speedy return. You avoid many of the mistakes are not inevitably at an early stage, allowing you to work with zero losses. 5.Komplektatsiya equipment all nebhodimo. Or anything extra is needed. In kompektatsiyu includes a versatile set of cutters (50 combinations) that allows you to choose a working tool for the composition of any viscosity.


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