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300 000 rubles / mes.Stroitelnaya company


Hello future buyer biznesa.Prodam profitable business: the design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel railings, glass
Hello future buyer biznesa.Prodam profitable business: the design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel railings, glass and dereva.Kompaniya there in 2011, for 6 years. During this time it has come a long way from the first completed order to a full engineering and manufacturing company, which annually sells more than 200 projects. The main customers - are major developers of housing complexes, car centers, budget organizations, owners of the business and shopping centers. Also, a significant part of customers are individual projects in country houses, cottages and duplex apartments. 1. What is sold with the business? - popular website. - Catalog of the executed works. - Well-established system of business management. - Staff: Assistant Manager - 1 pers. Project Engineer - 2 persons. Buyer - 1 pers. Foreman -1 person. All employees working in ofise.- Office, 45 sq.m., in a long-term lease, the monthly payment. Rental Price 34950 RUR. + Utilities 10000 rubley.- Salary: fixed salary +% of the profits. 2. Business Benefits for the design, manufacture and installation of fences: - Stable operating business in the construction industry. - No additional costs for production and storage, with a minimum of staff and a lack of the possibility of loss. - Easy entry into this area - anyone can understand the product for a couple of days, and to understand the techniques of sales of the product we will help you. - We work by prepayment. - Business processes are automated and all working independently. - All business processes are registered, there are instructions, all the documentation. - work time per day spent on applications 2:00 treatment. - the ability to scale related areas: stairs, canopies, paving slabs. 3. Business Performance: The average monthly turnover: 2.5 million rub.Chistaya average monthly income: 300 000 rubles. In the months. Confirmation: the concluded contracts, extracts from bank-client transactions in cpm, bank statements). Maximum profit in business: 500 000 rubles a month. Any checks in person. We reaffirm profits by 100%. 4. What is unique in this business? - The perfect business for those who wanted to try to engage in construction, but did not know where to start, or for an existing building company that would like to quickly expand its range of services. - There are regular customers - construction companies that we are working on contract) - Clients are involved with: SEO, direct, adwords, YAN, CCM. - Around 10 companies-suppliers. All signed contracts. With some work is being done in the post-payment (2 weeks). 5. Reason for sale: Opening retail sales in other business areas. Business value: 2.2 million rubles. instead of 2.5 million rubles. until November 1 after the price rises .Srok period: only 7 months. Call now to find out more information about the business! Owner.


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