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23 Online Store + Dropshipping + Education + Gift

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23 Online Store + Dropshipping + Education + Gift


More than 20 online stores + Dropshipping + Education + Help & Advice + Podarok.Skidka 50% when you buy today! About the site: Mor
More than 20 online stores + Dropshipping + Education + Help & Advice + Podarok.Skidka 50% when you buy today! About the site: More than 20 colorful selling stores (landing page - odnostranichnik) include such items as: AMST Watches Watches Diesel Brave IPhone 6s and 7 Baby Watch (Children's watches) Angigravitatsionny Case Smart clock Case selfi- ! stick Training mask Wireless charging on the iPhone and many other tovary.VSE Fully automatic operation with online shops for dropshipping system includes: -Connection call center to each store-operation and delivery across Russia no pre-payment (with no you nor your customers). product and delivery is paid only when poluchenii.-store management from any device with Internet access ADVANTAGES: - Minimum initial cash vlozheniya- Popular nisha- Automation - Minimum input-time All possible simply - Remote work via the Internet - no need to get up early and somewhere ehat- Possibility to combine with the main rabotoy- You do not have to open Ltd. or IPKAK IT WORKS: 1. The client wants to purchase a product from your Landing (odnostranichnika) 2. The customer fills in the feedback form 3. The operator call center calls back to the client to confirm zakaza.4. Goods sent to the client 5. The client pays a package 6. You get a profit (as in some cases weeded made immediately after confirmation of the order) CONDITIONS: - you are given more than 20 selling odnostranichnikov. - Also you are provided with teaching material (instruction) for free and paid advertising on the Internet which details painted on items as well as what to do. - Your main and only goal is to comply strictly with all the items the instructions that are guaranteed to lead you to the result of 3-5 orders per day with one magazina.Ne have to ask why it is so cheap. Our main income depends on your sales. Therefore we will always help you in promoting your saytov.DEShEVLE and qualitative OFFERS YOU WILL NOT FIND! Unlike our competitors we do not only provide the stores but also indefinitely provide assistance with the selection of goods in the tincture of advertising warehouse management etc. Even if you have something that will not work we will always help you! NOTE IMPORTANT! No matter what you think what we are trying to trick you we are ready to provide you with the shops and only then get oplatu.Po you have any questions please call strictly 10 : 00 to 18:00 or write to whatsapp telegram Avito in profile at any time. I will answer all.


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