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200 000 rub / mes.Solyanaya cave in a prestigious area

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200 000 rub / mes.Solyanaya cave in a prestigious area


Selling salt cave in the prestigious residential area of ​​Kstovo, in the passage location. In the area there are 2 children's tse
Selling salt cave in the prestigious residential area of ​​Kstovo, in the passage location. In the area there are 2 children's tsentra.V neighboring homes are solvent customers. The cave has existed since May 2015 goda.Solyanaya Cave - a place where adults come with their children to improve their health. Visitors saturated breathe salty air and thus relieve stress, eliminate the cough, improves sleep state kozhi.1. That is sold with the business - site-room 111 square meters, in arendu- Group Odnoklassnikah- account in Instagramm.- 1 Administrator (greets guests, processes applications, markets), it has 2 years- form a large customer base, 50% of clients permanent .- A customized advertising Vkontakte- Advertising in local newspapers, internal advertising televidenii- in clinics .Rekomendatsii doktorov- handing out leaflets in the street. - Distribute flyers at city prazdnikah- cooperate with children's park, a puppet teatrom- debugged biznesa.2 control system. Business Benefits Salt Cave - Great customer life cycle, especially with children from 3 years (buy ticket 3-4 times a year), with the quality service between subscriptions go razovo.- Business does not require licenses, permits and prochee.- In walking 4 kindergartens, schools, clinics, through which you can increase trafik.- market grows, with it grows and demand, from month to month increases turnover by 20% - Easy entry into this area - anyone can understand the product for 1 day, understand the product sales techniques we will pomozhem.- Enlarge oboro may be due to the purchase of more trafika.- Business processes are automated and all working samostoyatelno.- All business processes are registered, there are instructions, all dokumentatsiya.- 1-2 hours a day is spent on biznesom.3 management. Business performance: Revenue average per month .: 300 000 rubles. (Confirmed by the CRM system, the forms of strict accountability) The average net profit of 200 000 rubles / month, the maximum net income:. 250 000 rubles. mes.Lyubye in check during a personal meeting. Confirm the performance by 100% .4. FLC month: Administrator: 30 000 RUR / mes.5.. What is our salt cave is different from the other - Very good location of the cave, in an area with solvent lyudmi.- prices for services are above average and at the same time a lot klientov.- Many playgrounds, 2 kindergartens ryadom.- more schools near where a lot of deals children.6. Reason for sale: family obstoyatelstva.Srok payback: a total of 6 business mesyatsev.Stoimost: 1.2 million rubles. instead of 1.5 million rubles. only until October 31, 2017 goda.Znaem, that sell cheaper market, so hurry up. Sell ​​it to someone who will make a first zalog.Zvonite us now to find out the secrets of the salt cave business with us!


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