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2 stores draft beer

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2 stores draft beer


Sale profitable flower shop in the passage site and regular customers. There is a new bright sign, it is also possible to make a w
2 shops selling draft beer, decorated in a stile.Oba shops are grocery stores network, which ensures a steady flow of customers. Shops are located in the same area - Kupchino. They are easy to maintain and control of - the fact that are located sufficiently close to each druga.1 store has a separate entrance and a large utility room. 14 kranov.Konkurentov in district no. High population density around the store. Store more than a year. Set acquiring terminal. Staffed by trained salespeople, if they ostayutsya.2 sale shop in the checkout area network grocery store on a busy crossroads. Store more than a year. 14 cranes. During the construction of the store it would make a great and convenient utility room that can accommodate about 18 kegs. They are two of the seller, and are working with the new owner.


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