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2 sentry carwash (+ freight cars)

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2 sentry carwash (+ freight cars)


Lease website husband for an hour in Naberezhnye Chelnah.Prohodit 30-40 calls a week (mostly on weekdays) for plumbing, electrical
For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site is included for free. The reason for selling a business: an acute shortage of time in relation to employment in the main job for sale operating a car wash for cars and trucks in the 2 post in the travel site, an area with an active infrastructure: the first line of visible signs, the neighborhood with new residential areas, large industrial and trade organizations and offices. Nearby car service, which independently generates a large flow of potential clients + travel traffic road, the first line, asphalt road. Washes space length of 11 m., the ceiling height of 3.8 m. The area of ​​80 sq. m. at the rental rate of 50 000 per month, gas heating included in the lease payments for the light about 5000 rubles / month., cesspool emptier 2/3 times a month (a container under IL - 6 cubes) Average business turnover 150 000 -160 000 rubles a month. Net profit 40 000 - 50 000 rubles. For the convenience of customers there is a waiting room equipped with TV, video (HD camera, recording), its own well, a pump for 1 cu. Washing is located in this place for more than 5 years, the current owner owns the business for 1 year. The reason for selling - an acute shortage of time in relation to employment in the main job. Formed by a team (2 people per%), ready to go to work for the new owner that will not disrupt the production process. Good tried and tested partnerships with its neighbors (SRT, tire). The complex - the average bill 400-450 p. In the area of ​​car have shopping centers and main transport area. In addition, there is a service of carpet cleaning, which is also very popular. Profit: 50 000 rub. / Month Payback: 11 months Average Monthly Turnover: 150 000 / month Average costs: 100,000 / month Number of Employees: 2 The fund s / n 30 000 rubles. / Month. Floor area: 80 m2 Information Landlord: Legal person Rental price: 50 000 rbl. / Month. Means of production: 2 AED Kercher (10 cc + heating) one compressor 100 l 25 l Foam surveillance Other business furniture + Age 5 Organization form: Ratio SP 100


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