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2 saunas (property) has been working for 9 years

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2 saunas (property) has been working for 9 years


There is one tire changer, wheel balancer, wheel wash, a compressor (Italy), tools, filling with nitrogen, and the pit to repair t
Selling ready-made business: 2 saunas, 96 sqm, located at the address: Tver, Khromov Street 10.Pomeschenie in their own premises after the overhaul works an average of 10 years a stable and well-established revenue .voprosy mail or call 1. monthly profitability is around 200 ₽ you can safely check the report 2, all the mood for so time will spend 2 hours a week to pick up the best of times revenue 3 350 -400₽ (return) property that it is always possible to pass or to pay under the management of recoupment 3 years Or consider the exchange of finished apartments in Tver


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