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2 profitable retail store

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2 profitable retail store


Profit Invest offers a shop selling alkogolya.Preimuschestva: - favorable location in the middle of a residential area within walk
Sold 2 outlets for the sale of medical equipment and products for health and beauty. Meters spaces 18 and 20 square meters. meters, rent 25 thousand, respectively. rub. and 28tys.rub. Over 10 years of existence of business experience accumulated stable customer base, due to its convenient location - a stream of new customers. Net profit 50 000 Sales training run for many years and are ready to cooperate with the new owner. The owner will give vsekontakty with suppliers and ready to assist in the first phase of work. Autumn - time of high demand. Trade balances will be passed by agreement of purchase wholesale prices. Located in a shopping complex ABOUT room space: 20 m² Rent: 28 000 rubles lease contract: 11 months with prolongation cozy rooms meet all modern requirements. Production of facilities for job shops have everything you need: 2 manned working shop with shop equipment Shelves Showcases Counters Noutuki Detectors bankovnt Banking terminals for card acceptance Office Appliances Trade balance is not transferred INTANGIBLE ASSETS Illuminated advertising signs online store personnel is staffed by employees of 4 people. DOCUMENTS All documents are available and ready for inspection. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION A good suggestion for a great price. №70449 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION A good suggestion for a great price. №70449 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION A good suggestion for a great price. №70449


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